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Before you begin...

A web server running PHP 5.1 or higher is require to view the examples. A few examples will also require read/write permission to the SQLite database files (*.db) inside the examples/data folder.

PHP Developers

Examples for web developers using PHP, CSS, JavaScript and HTML
Ajax Calculator

Add two numbers and displays the result

Ajax Contact Form

Create, edit and delete contacts using an Ajax web form.

Ajax File Upload

Uploads an image using an Ajax Web Form

Client-Server Communication

Examples of client-server communication

Control Client-Side DOM Elements from the Server

This example uses the Raxan Client Extension (CLX) class to query and control client-side elements from the server

Custom Zip and Phone validators

Example showing how to add custom validation to RaxanDataSanitizer

Date/Time Plugin

An example of how to create a basic plugin

Date Entry

An example of how to use the RaxanDataSanitizer->date() method

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop items into a shopping cart

Drag and Resize

Draggable and Resizable elements

Editable List Items

Edit and update a list of items via Ajax

Echo Box

Echoes the content of a Textbox when the submit button is clicked

Employee Directory

Displays a list of employee records inside a table/grid with a pager

Employee Search Box

Query and display employee records using an Ajax-based search form.

Extending the RaxanElement Class

Use callback methods to extending the RaxanElement

Flash Message

Examples of how to use the flashmsg() method to display messages within the web browser

Image Search

Display list of images from the server. This example uses the Raxan.dispatchEvent() method

Mobile Weather (WAP)

Displays weather information for a city or location on a mobile phone or WAP enabled device. This example can be viewed using the Opera Mobile Emulator. View the Mobile weather application source code.

Multilingual Date Display

Displays the current date in multiple languages


An an example for how to use page views and events to create a data driven application

Page Views

Use the page view handlers to change the view of a web page

Popup Box

Displays a client-side confirm or prompt popup box from the server

Phone Inventory

A simple Ajax application that display items from a CSV data file

Preserve Element State

Preserves the state of an element during post backs and page load

Preserve Web Form Content

Example showing the use of the $preserveFormContent property.

Product Rating

An example using the jQuery UI star plugin to trigger a server-side event

Random DIVs

Randomly generated DIV elements with mouse over effect

Smart Phones with star rating

Displays smart phones with star rating component


A simple Ajax-based ShoutBox application

ShoutBox inside a web page

This example shows how to embed the ShoutBox application within an HTML web page.

Template Binder

An example of some of the most commonly used Template Binder options

Web Page Extractor

This example uses an instance of the RaxanWebPage class to connect and extract data from a Yahoo search page.

JavaScript/HTML Developers

Examples for web developers using CSS, HTML and JavaScript
CSS Framework Classes

Examples of CSS framework classes with default theme

Bouncing Ball

An example showing how to combine Physics, jQuery and the CSS framework to create an interactive user experience

CSS Buttons

Creating button elements with the CSS framework

Drag Box (jQuery)

An example showing the use of the jQuery UI interactive APIs

Elastic layouts

Using elastic cells to create liquid layouts with fixed-width sidebars

Elastic grid layout

Displays the list of the available elastic cell classes

Fixed-Width grid layout

Creates a grid layout with fixed width cell classes

Fixed-Width grid columns

Displays the list of available fixed-width cell (column) classes

Fixed-Height grid rows

Displays the list of available fixed-height cell (row) classes

Sortable Columns (jQuery)

Rearrange blocks by dragging and dropping them across columns.

Raxan JavaScript Cursor Plugin

An example of how to initialize the Raxan cursor plugin with JavaScript.

Raxan JavaScript TabStrip Plugin

An example of how to initialize the Raxan TabStrip plugin with JavaScript.

Raxan JavaScript TabStrip Explorer

Explore the features of the TabStrip plugin. Learn how to create themes and animations and how to use autopilot features

Table with hover effect

An HTML Table with jQuery hover effect.

Web form with text input

Creates a web form with default theme

Web form with CSS Buttons

Creates a nice looking web form using a combination classes from the CSS framework

Sample Web Page with default theme

Provides a sample of some of the classes and layout features of the CSS framework