Download and Installation Instructions

If you haven't yet done so, please see the list of "Software Requirements" before continuing.

To download the latest version of the framework, visit the Raxan Download web page located at and click on the "Download Now" button. Your download should start after a few seconds. If for some reason it failed to start, then click on the "Go to download site" hyperlink.

Note: The download package includes the Raxan CSS Framework, PHP/Ajax libraries, examples and documentation.


Extract the contents of the downloaded file (e.g. to a folder on your local computer (e.g. c:\downloads\raxansdk), then copy the files and folders to your development folder or web server.

If you are deploying to a web server, make sure that the files are placed in a location (e.g. the web root) where they can be accessed via a browser.

When deploying a new application you're only required to deploy the "raxan" folder (sdk/raxan) along with your application files.

Creating a Configuration File

When a Raxan web page is initialized it automatically configures your application to use it's default folder structure. This behavior can be changed by creating a custom configuration file.

This step is optional and only applies to server-side development. To create your custom configuration file, copy (or rename) the "raxan/pdi/gateway.config.sample.php" to gateway.config.php

Using a text editor, edit the content of gateway.config.php by adding the necessary folder paths and/or database login information.

On shared linux systems, you should chmod your gateway.config.php file to 644 or 600 to prevent others from making changes to your application. It's also recommended that your ISP installs the suphp Apache module for added security.

Changing the default Raxan Path and URL from the server

To change the default raxan directory path nd url, set the raxan.url and raxan.path options inside the "gateway.config.php" file. For more information see Loading A Custom Configuration File

    $config['raxan.url'] = '/url/address/to/raxan/';
    $config['raxan.path'] = '/folder/path/to/raxan/';
    // Note: The new path and url must have a trailing slash (/)

Changing the default JavaScript include path from within the browser

You can also change the path from which the framework loads its JavaScript library files by setting the 'path' property on the Raxan JavaScript Object.

For example:

<script type="text/javascript">
    Raxan.path = '/url/to/raxan/';
    // Note: The new url must have a trailing slash (/)

The same can be done for the csspath and scriptpath. See Raxan JavaScript Object for more information.

To learn more visit the Developer Overview web page.

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