Credits / Acknowledgments

The jQuery Library

jQuery is a light-weight but powerful cross-browser JavaScript library that is used to power the Raxan Framework. Visit See also John Resig's wonderful tips, tweaks and suggestions at His website has been an inspiration on matters relating to Javascript development.


A Cross browser CSS framework. The Raxan CSS framework is based on BlueprintCSS. Visit


This is another CSS framework that is based on BluePrintCss. Visit

Drop Shadow by Phil Baines

Inspired the creation of the Shadow box wrappers. Visit

CSS to Xpath PHP converter

Many thanks to developer (php_penguin) who had ported Joe Hewitt's JavaScript CSS-XPath library to PHP.

Free Icons

FamFamFam silk icon set - Visit
IconDen - Visit

The Community of Developers

To the many users of the Raxan Framework, we just want to say a big thank you for your help in making Raxan what is it today.

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