Bind HTML Code doesn't shown as HTML ???

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Bind HTML Code doesn't shown as HTML ???

Postby noviandi_pakuan » Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:35 am

Hi all,

i try to make mailinglist with tinyMCE, tinyMCE produces the html script and i save it in database as it is without any procedure like htmlspecialchars or htmlentity, and i want to show the html that i saved in database but it not shown as HTML....

I try to bind HTML Code from database, but it not shown as HTML in Browser, it shown as ussual text. is anybody known what should i do to show it become HTML ...

best regards
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Re: Bind HTML Code doesn't shown as HTML ???

Postby raymond » Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:09 pm


You ill have to set the format option to html when your want the content to be displayes as HTML. Here's an example:

"format" => array("field1" => "html")

Here's a list for supported formats:

  • integer Convert to integer
  • float - Convert to float
  • money - Convert to money
  • number:decimal - Convert to number with optional decimal values. For example: number:2
  • date:format - Convert to date values using PHP date() format. For example, date:Y-m-d
  • escape - Escape html special characters
  • capitalize - Capitalize words
  • replace:searchRegex,replacedValue - replace regex pattern with value. For example: replace:blue,green
  • upper - Converts text to upper-case characters
  • lower - Convert to lower-case characters
  • html - Allow special html tags. Remove script and style tags
  • raw - Allow raw text

See for more information.

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