Timeout method

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Timeout method

Postby noviandi_pakuan » Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:35 am

Dear raymond,

i cant figure how to update element with timeout methode, could you give me some clue..
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protected function _prerender(){
            "callback" => '.showchat',
            'value' => $this->bindopt['selected'],
            'repeat' => true

protected function showchat($e){
$roomid = $e->value();
      $rs = $this->db->execQuery("select room.roomname,room_chat.id,chat,concat(firstname,' ',lastname) as nama from room_chat
                           inner join room on room_chat.roomid = room.roomid
                           inner join dbuser on room_chat.userid = dbuser.userid
                           where room.roomid = ".$roomid);
      if ($rs){
         $html = "";
         foreach($rs as $row){
            $html .= '<div style=\'margin-top:-3px;margin-bottom:8px;\' class=\'media user-media bg-light\'><div class=\'user-wrapper bg-light\' >
                     <a class=\'left user-link\' href=\'\'>
                        <img class=\'media-object img-thumbnail user-img\' alt=\'User Picture\' src=\'assets/img/user.gif\' width=\'36px\' height=\'36px\'>
                     <span class=\'right\'><i class=\'fa fa-mail-forward\'></i><a class=\'openroom v:'.$row['id'].'\' href=\'#\'></a></span>
                     <div class=\'media-body\'>
                        <h5 style=\'color: #000 !important;margin-left:1px;\' class=\'media-heading\'>'.$row['chat'].'</h5>
                     <h6 style=\'color: #eb9316 !important;margin-top:5px;\' class=\'right media-heading\'>'.$row['nama'].'</h6>

Browser seem post request, but nothing is change. could you please give me some point here ...
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Re: Timeout method

Postby noviandi_pakuan » Mon Apr 23, 2018 6:33 am

Dear raymond,

Sory for the question, i found what i need, add method xt-autoupdate = "#4000,process,true,#myid,#loader" rather than use timeout(xxx.....)

is it possible to change xt-autoupdate method on controller page, rather than statically write on html page? if it possible how to do it ?

Thanks for great framework.
Best Regards,
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