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Developer Snapshot 2011-01-07

Postby raymond » Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:59 pm

Hello Everyone,

A new DevSnapshot has just been released.

* Fix issue #9 - Preloading multiple plugins at startup (Damir)
* Fix issue #10 - Application script executed from webroot has pathing issue (Brazos)
* Fix issue #12 - mapSitePathToUrl function fails under single subfolder on Windows/Apache (Brazos)
* Fix issue #13 - RaxanElement->enable() does not remove the disable attribute (Garth)
* Modify RJO to trigger preloader event when dispatchEvent is called
* Fix file uploads for serialized form element
* Add new cssClass option to Raxan JavaScript Tabstrip plugin.
* Fix Raxan TabStrip timeout issue then autopilot is enabled.
* Add support for lastRowsAffected to RaxanPDO->table(), RaxanPDO->execProc, and RaxanPDO->execQuery() methods
* Fix bug in Raxan JavaScript library when checking HTML5 form validity
* Separate JavaScript/CSS includes from RJO action scripts
* Optimize client-side Raxan.iUpdateElement method
* Add support for DOMElement and RaxanElement to RaxanClientExtension
* Rename RaxanWebPage->pageOutput to RaxanWebPage->pageOutputBuffer. Change visibility from protected to public
* Change visibility from protected to public for the following RaxanWebPage properties:

autoAppendView, localizeOnResponse, initStartupScript, resetDataOnFirstLoad, preserveFormContent,
disableInlineEvents, showRenderTime, serializeOnPostBack, degradable, preventBrowserCache,
masterTemplate, masterContentBlock

With this change Plugins and Widgets will be able to directly update page properties

* RaxanWebPage->activeView is now public (read-only)
* Update jquery UI to 1.8.7

Please download and test the examples. Here's the download link: ...

SHA1 Checksum: fd529cd7a91ea74dfeb753da7249daebdda41db9

Remember to report any bugs or issues that you might have encountered when testing this build.

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