DevSnapShot 2010-11-30

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DevSnapShot 2010-11-30

Postby raymond » Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:35 am

Hello Everyone,

I've just release a new DevSnapshot with a few fixes and tweaks:

* Raxan js/css scripts are now loaded before other scripts or stylesheets
* Add Raxan.error() and Raxan.togglePreloader() events
* Raxan Startup script (startup.js) can now be changed or omitted with registerScript()
* Make current page instance available as $page when loading dynamic views
* Add new page_authorize system event
* Add new RaxanWebPage::addProperty($name,$value) method
* Add new RaxanWebPage->loadPlugin($name,$extrn,$alias) method
* Modified Raxan::loadPlugin() and RaxanWebPage->loadPlugin() to return an instance of the plugin
* Fix locale date left to right replacement for abbreviated months such as Jan, May, Oct, etc.
* Add widgets.path, preload.plugins, and preload.widgets config options
* Rename RaxanUIElement to RaxanUIWidget
* Reanme Raxan::loadUI and RaxanWebPage->loadUI to Raxan::loadWidgets and RaxanWebPage->loadWidgets
* Remove RaxanUIContainer
* Upgrade jQuery library to 1.4.4

Examples of Raxan.error() and Raxan.togglePreloader():

Code: Select all
        if (httpCode==404) alert('File not found: ' + errText);
        else alert('Error: ' + errText);
        return true; // let the library know that the error was handled

        if (mode=='on') $('#loader').show();
        else if (mode=='off') {
            if (e.serverResult) alert(e.serverResult); // result returned from server

Many thanks to Damir and others for their help in testing and reporting issues.

Please download and test the examples. Here's the download link:

PS. Remember to report any bugs or issues that you might have encountered when testing this build.

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